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  • Costing is based on Bill Of Material(BOM)
  • 3 types of costing data is maintained in the system i.e Customer, Sub-Contractor & Supplier
  • Loose Costing calculated on Raw Material, Bought Out, Consumables & Welding
  • Costing is again estimated on Different machines i.e Laser Jet, Water Jet & Plasma
  • Final Costing is calculated on Internal & External
  • Final quotation is generated from the system.
  • Enquiry Login
  • Feasibility Analysis Sheet
  • Rate Master (Internal & Customer)
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Part costing (Loose item)
  • Auto calculation based on parameters for :
  •  Blanks – Thickness, Length, Width, Weight.
  •  Off Cuts – Thickness, Length, Width, Weight.
  •  Weight – Finish Weight, Input Weight and scrap weight
  •  Area – Final Area, in M2 Area
  • Area calculation- Powder coating and painting for the single or double side, over laping area an net area.
  •  Costing for – Customer and internal for the total material cost, recovery cost, scrap & net raw material cost.



Salient Features of Application

  •  Costing Sheet
  • Raw Material
  • Bought Out
  • Consumables
  • Conversion (Processing)
  • Final Costing
  • Quotation
  • Order  Acceptance (Customer order)
  • Rate Revisions