Tech-Catalog for Tooling Industries


The software simplifies your search for tools by simply entering few application parameters & with one mouse click. You can view the required technical specification & suggest the best suited solution available with you to your clients with confidence.

The main purpose of this system is to avoid the wastage of time and money in selecting the right product aspects & technical literature & immediately take the sales call to quotation level. The product ensures at all time that the same quantum of technical information is available with both a fresh Sales executive & an experienced Manager so that both would be equally effective in technically presenting the product to the customer.





  • Reduces Enquiry to Solution cycle time.
  • Detailed Technical information of multiple products available without any limitation on the range of products in future.
  • Grow business by Improving customer satisfaction as the solution provided at the time of sale would be technically correct & would be most suited to customer requirements.
  • Tracks actual costs of tooling and perform activity based per job costing.
  • Graphical presentation of the tool life, production cost, etc.
  • Technical Data security.
  • Search for the right tools based on multiple parameters.
  • View tool and model profiles that include pictures, datasheets, drawings and other supporting docs.
  • Compare tool features to select the best tool for their needs.
  • System helps in selecting the right tool with a technical literature & immediately takes the sales call to quotation level.
  • Tool Life Calculations.
  • Cost Per Component Calculation for customers.
  • Technical Comparison with Graphical reports on saving per component.
  • Tool Re-sharpening Life.




Business Requirements fulfilled by Tech–catalogue

  • Reduce Your Marketing COST
  • Reduces TIME in Maintaining an Up-to-Date Product Catalogue
  • Reduce Enquiry – Solution time
  • Quicker Time to Market for New Products
  • 24/7 Sales Tool
  • Deal with More and Better Quality Enquiries in Less Time
  • Improving Online Perception of Company Size and Quality
  • Cut down cost
  • Work with Ease
  • Brand Image
  • Reduce on recruitment of high paid Executives