Transformer Mfg Industries

Transformer Costing:
Item category wise transformer costing (From copper, core costing to bolt and washer costing) for the multiple raw materials, bought outs used for the transformers, required consumables costing, process wise labour charges, fabrication costing, packing and name plating costing, other additional charges, rejection/scrap amount and percentage wise parametric costing (e.g. profit margin) on all the above or selected item category.



Quotation Generation (Manufacturing / Repairing)
Based on the transformer costing, system will generate quotation for the multiple transformers. Transfer KVA, voltage ratio, LT and HT Terminal, transformer type (3 Star, OLTC) Production Entry & Inspection Stages Work order wise process start and completion entry end equipment used serial numbers for each process, remarks entry. Down time and production loss in each process.

Process  Core Assembly:

Core assembly details, Stack thickness, actual stacks, desired stacks, total weight of core, core dia, window height, C length, core loss, ∑V, ∑I, ∑W, frequency, % Excitation Current etc.,

Conductor size, Coil I/D, O/D, Coil height, Total turns/phase, Turn/coil, Turn layer, Total layer, Tapings, Duct, Centre strip, Weight, Winder, Transportation

Core Coil Assembly:

Sizes for Channel, Core bolt, Tie rod, Foot rest , Paint details, powder coating details. Clearances for LV to core, LV to HV, HV axial insulation, HV bottom insulation, LV bottom insulation, phase to phase, Top ring

Pre Testing:

Magnetic Balance / Ratio Test



Merger Testing

Tank Fabrication & Painting:

Fabrication start date and end date, Painting start date and end date.

Before Box up the TFR:

Magnetic Balance / Ratio Test / No Load Test / Check points

Tank Inspection:

Final Inspection  / Test Certificates