Sheet Metal and Autocomponents

Silent Features


  • Special Material Movement Flow for Shearing Machine activities.
  • HR / CR sheets cutting processes, Cutting Plan and Notching plan covered in the ERP.
  • Parametric Costing based on Blanks, Off Cuts, Weight, scrap, Final Area, etc.
  • Conversion costing – By selecting costing sheet number and assembly/sub-assembly, system collect conversion items from the BOM and calculate conversion cost as per the defined process and machine rate.
  • Parametric Welding Rate calculation based on Part / Sub-assembly / Assembly welding, provision to enter number of Co2 Tack, Formula for Co2 welding in mm, number of the spots.
  • Based on the costing the system will generate quotation for Multiple Products.
  • System will display time required for each process
  • System will generate process wise materials requirement planning.
  • Project status as per work order.
  • Reports as per IAS Formats
  • Quality and Maintenance
  • .



  • Costing of products for reference before generating quotation.
  • Finalized cost can be picked directly while selecting the product in quotation.
  • Assembly & Sub assembly costing / Costing based on Raw Material, Process cost, machine hour rate, Bought out, manpower, Overheads, Packaging, Plating, Painting, etc.
  • Formulas for calculating profit can be client based / Cost sheets summary available.

Production Planning

  • Internal Work Order / Work Order Status.
  • Process wise Movement / Process wise stock in Work in Progress.
  • Work order wise issue of sheets to production department.
  • Material requisition only allowed for processed work orders.
  • BOM Explosion in Tree view for better understanding.
  • Production of various departments / Daily Production Plan & Entry.
  • Global Down Time / Total Available Time vs. Actual Production / In-house Scrap Monitoring.


  • All formats design as per TS norms / Quality Task Allocation to Team Members.
  • Tracking Planned & Actual Quality Checks / Advance Product Quality Planning.
  • Production Part Approval Process /Status of APQP & PPAP.
  • Left – Right Combination for Mirror Imaged Jobs / Material Testing Tracking Sheet.
  • Customer Compliant Handling form / Finished & Raw Quality Scheduling.


  • Machine maintenance along with history card / Die maintenance along with history card.
  • Tool calibration along with history card / Preventive Maintenance checklist.
  • Predictive Maintenance checklist/ Pending Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Report.
  • Scheduling Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Maintenance Preventive schedules.
  • Scheduling Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Maintenance Predictive schedules